The goal while training for every athlete is to become stronger, faster, tougher, while staying healthy.

While some brands may concentrate on one aspect of fitness or a sport, RedLine Athletics has been customized for all athletes and sports. The goal while training for every athlete is to become stronger, faster, tougher, and quicker. Our approach to training is multifaceted. We realize that our programs must first keep the athlete mobile and healthy, we have partnered with Fusionetics to evaluate every athlete that walks through our doors with a scientific thoroughness that is simply unmatched. 

We rely on both the tried and true tribal knowledge of our skilled GMs and coaches, as well as the utilization of the latest technologies and tools; implementing it all into an unmatched fitness experience. The small-group setting provides encouragement and accountability. The result is a long-term relationship between the members and their RedLine Athletics team that leads to long-term relationships, increased revenue and a authoritative word-of-mouth reputation.

“The advantage you can provide your guests and members in an environment like this,” Chance says. “Is our group-based training. It gives you same effect as individual, private training, because of the class size, while also exposing you to other athletes striving to master the same skills, pushing in a way that is un-equaled in any other fitness concept”.


A regular day in a RedLine Athletics center: a local high school team participates in one of our training sessions. The families come to watch and are impressed by the high standard of the training. Because the majority of children in an athletic family also participate in sports, and are highly competitive, they want to sign up everyone in the family so they can all excel. When they see the highly personalized skill-specific training; they envision the benefits of that training for all of their children.


This a standard of training and fitness that is often reserved for collegiate or even professional athletics. It is also the reason why RedLine athletes are more committed to their training, they know they are following the routines that will take them where they want to be – and they are willing to pay a premium for the privilege.


 “When you take a look around the space, the more focused, sport-specific fitness offerings are what’s growing from an industry perspective,” says Chance Pearson, Chief Executive Officer for RedLine Athletics. “Our offering promises to satisfy the specific needs of any athlete, but also has a broad appeal.”


Private skill development sessions from either former collegiate or professional athletes to refine your specific sport skills. Whether you play, baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, football, or any other sport, this 1 on 1 training will make you a more confident all-around athlete.


An individualized program, which is based on each private Fusionetics evaluation assessments. Following every evaluation, our professional staff will work with the athlete to create a Strength and Conditioning program that meets the needs of each athlete.


The RedLine fundraising program is easy! This week-long program is completed with the main event. A 10-Station Obstacle Course is set up to be completed twice for a total of 20 stations. The course includes fun and challenging stations for participants of all ages. Each participant will be required to get "pledges" for each station they complete. They will also earn prizes through meeting their pledge goals. This program will allow any organization to raise much-needed funds.


One of the very first things that any consulting organization would recommend to start an Adult Boot Camp Business is to get yourself a mentor; but the cost of the classes, and the time it requires is often too much. Let us be your mentor! When you partner with RLX, you immediately receive decades of fitness and training experience, immediately available to tap into. We have been there and done that and are now ready to share it with you.


RLX will provide you with every tool you will need to start and run your business. You will receive: marketing materials preloaded with email templates and drip campaigns, access to thousands of workouts, meal plans, proprietary exercise and fitness videos, a dedicated point of sale system, a customer resource management system to easily tag and report on your clients, and your own individual website already customized to attract and convert leads.


Personal training is not what it once was. Clients are not looking for a trainer to take them through the same cookie cutter exercises, the same way they have done them their entire lives. What people are looking for is a personalized approach that shows you care about their needs, understand them, and are willing and able to provide a focused plan for those needs to be satisfied. Clients say it is less about being trained one-on-one, but rather, being trained uniquely to achieve their goals.


RLX takes the modern approach to the next level. Our programs have built in a multi-tiered evaluation that will show your clients that you are focused on their own unique physiology, giving them insight into how they move, that they have likely never experienced before. Then you follow that up with a completely tailored set of dynamic exercises that you have chosen from our library of thousands of workouts, entirely blowing away your clients expectations of what fitness can be for them.


RedLine Athletics core competency has been youth athletics for almost a decade. When it comes to youth training, we have mastered our approach by training thousands young athletes in our history. When it comes to youth fitness, coaches fail when we they try to apply the same principles of adult training and expect results. We are now ready to share the secret sauce that has allowed us to grow into the nation’s premier youth athletics franchise.


RLX moves the experience honed within our centers, out into the world. Whether you want to introduce young children to sports or provide a developmental youth fitness program, we are the one place that can give you a playbook to accomplish it all. We have partnered with outstanding equipment vendors to give you the best rates possible to run a safe and engaging beginner sports program.  We've also provided a playbook to attract both kids and their parents to your programs, and the tools to show value to the parents while also allowing the kids to excel and have fun, generating positive word of mouth that will continue to drive your business in all sports, year round.



RedLine Athletics began in San Juan Capistrano as a sports and fitness training center that quickly developed a devoted following of young athletes. Drawn to the center by its fun, high energy culture, professional training protocols along with mentorship and coaching from former pro players, athletes found their improved fitness and refined skills paid huge dividends on the field. Word spread fast and RedLine Athletics became a training mecca for young athletes focused on improving their game, these results generated a dedicated and loyal following.

RedLine Athletics and its unique sports training concept has quickly revolutionized the industry. By enabling trainers – to focus entirely on the client, they are able to concentrate on what they love to do: train athletes. Passion is what drives athletes to succeed and passion is at the cornerstone of RedLine Athletics. From the owners to the fitness instructors, to the athletes themselves, one key ingredient is found throughout RedLine Athletics, a burning desire to be the best you can be!

Founded by former pro baseball player, Lyndsey Simmons, RedLine Athletics simplifies the trainer / athlete relationship so the primary focus can always be on the athlete and their specific needs. With a major emphasis on speed, power, core, RedLine athletes are equipped to handle any situation that arises on their playing field.

By offering a wide variety of sports-specific training sessions, RedLine Athletics is a cost efficient sports training facility that offers its athletes evaluations testing and sports development opportunities, with an emphasis on enhancing the athletic achievements of the junior and senior players. RedLine is especially proficient at training players ages 8 – 18. From football to basketball to baseball and beyond, RedLine Athletics has vastly improved the quality of its athletes and their performance.

In 2010 the San Juan Capistrano location began training two young competitive figure skaters. The children’s father, John Leonesio, had a successful career in the fitness industry followed by founding the successful Massage Envy franchise system and then taking a Chiropractic franchise national. John approached the owners of Redline Athletics for advice on his growing concept.  Casual conversations turned into a more formal evaluation of the RedLine Athletics business model, John even opened his own location, and it was determined that a RedLine Athletics facility could indeed be a highly desirable business to own.  Low cost to open, easy to lean, quick to cash flow with the potential for high profitability combined with RedLine Athletics being a fun business run were all desirable traits of a successful franchise model. A partnership was formed and the staff and systems were put into place for a world class franchise system.