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Everything you ever wanted or needed to start your own fitness business

RedLine Xpress is a true “business-in-a-box”, where many pretenders claim to offer fitness professionals everything they need to succeed, none can deliver. RedLine Xpress does.

We provide you with every tool needed to immediately run a successful practice, all honed specifically to the field of your personal expertise. Whether you are looking for Adult Boot Camps, Personal Training, Intro to Sports, or Fundraisers; RedLine Express will exceed your expectations and allow you to accomplish your goals. Within each of our offerings you will find: a customized operations playbook, marketing materials and collateral, email templates including drip campaigns, a robust CRM, a learning university, a state-of-the-art point of sale system, lead capture forms, your own personal website preloaded with content and created with a unique to you URL, and much much more!


One of the very first things that any consulting organization would recommend to start an Adult Boot Camp Business is to get yourself a mentor; but the cost of the classes, and the time it requires is often too much. Let us be your mentor! When you partner with REDLINE XPRESS, you immediately receive decades of fitness and training experience, immediately available to tap into. We have been there and done that and are now ready to share it with you.
REDLINE XPRESS will provide you with every tool you will need to start and run your business. You will receive: marketing materials preloaded with email templates and drip campaigns, access to thousands of workouts, meal plans, proprietary exercise and fitness videos, a dedicated point of sale system, a customer resource management system to easily tag and report on your clients, and your own individual website already customized to attract and convert leads.


Personal training is not what it once was. Clients are not looking for a trainer to take them through the same cookie cutter exercises, the same way they have done them their entire lives. What people are looking for is a personalized approach that shows you care about their needs, understand them, and are willing and able to provide a focused plan for those needs to be satisfied. Clients say it is less about being trained one-on-one, but rather, being trained uniquely to achieve their goals.
REDLINE XPRESS takes the modern approach to the next level. Our programs have built in a multi-tiered evaluation that will show your clients that you are focused on their own unique physiology, giving them insight into how they move, that they have likely never experienced before. Then you follow that up with a completely tailored set of dynamic exercises that you have chosen from our library of thousands of workouts, entirely blowing away your clients expectations of what fitness can be for them.


RedLine Athletics core competency has been youth athletics for almost a decade. When it comes to youth training, we have mastered our approach by training thousands young athletes in our history. When it comes to youth fitness, coaches fail when we they try to apply the same principles of adult training and expect results. We are now ready to share the secret sauce that has allowed us to grow into the nation’s premier youth athletics franchise.
REDLINE XPRESS moves the experience honed within our centers, out into the world. Whether you want to introduce young children to sports or provide a developmental youth fitness program, we are the one place that can give you a playbook to accomplish it all. We have partnered with outstanding equipment vendors to give you the best rates possible to run a safe and engaging beginner sports program.  We've also provided a playbook to attract both kids and their parents to your programs, and the tools to show value to the parents while also allowing the kids to excel and have fun, generating positive word of mouth that will continue to drive your business in all sports, year round.


Giving back to the community is something that every strong entrepreneur and business engages in because they know that the strength of their community is directly related to the strength of their business. RedLine Athletics is no exception. We recognize that giving back can be mutually beneficial in the form of fundraisers partnered with existing community institutions, like schools, teams, and leagues.
RedLine Xpress has optimized this process for all parties. Our 10-station Obstacle Course will raise organizations much needed funds, all while having fun! We provide the software to easily sign up participants allowing them to seamlessly share your campaigns and events on all social media platforms to collect pledges. The rewarding experience that is provided motivates the participants to reach and surpass their goals. Our events create a fun and engaging experience while raising money for a good cause, ensuring that they will spread the word and drive more interest to your business.




Developed by dozens of trainers with decades of real world experience, our exercise library is unmatched and always expanding



We have reset the market for franchise fees, offering the lowest fee in America. Take advantage of our remarkably affordable offer so our system can deliver you everything you need to get started today.


Our team has prepared hundreds of hours of support materials in the form of videos, brochures, our proprietary fitness University, and our unrivaled internal support team.


Many solutions will provide you with some of the tools you need and a few of the vendor introductions you will need to make. Our provides you absolutely everything you need to excel, using cutting edge technology, allowing us to digitize your experience, making it easier on you and your clients.


What is the number one indicator of a young, successful business? A robust and comprehensive marketing strategy. We will give you access to our library of collateral, email templates, drip campaigns, and lead generation and capture forms.


From our franchisees to our members, everyone readily embraces the RedLine spirit. A business is only as strong as its customer base, and our customers LOVE US. They also love telling their friends and family, allowing them to become a part of our community and benefit as well.